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Add your name: We must end forced prison labor

Companies across the country rake in profits from products that rely on forced prison labor. People behind bars are being forced into hard labor—harvesting crops, raising livestock, cleaning dangerous machinery in poultry processing plants—for mere pennies per hour or nothing at all.

This is modern-day slavery. It has to end.

Vera is fighting to end mass incarceration and support the rights and dignity of incarcerated people. Join us →

ADD YOUR NAME: To help Vera open doors to housing

Housing policies and practices that discriminate against people with conviction histories contribute to high rates of homelessness and make it more difficult for formerly incarcerated people to move forward with their lives.

Vera is working to remove barriers to housing and ensure that those impacted by our unjust criminal legal system get a real opportunity to reenter their communities and succeed.

Add your name to support accessible public housing for formerly incarcerated people.

Take action today: fight back against Georgia lawmakers latest attempts to disenfranchise and silence voters >>

SB189 is an alarming attempt to legislate election intimidation, mass disenfranchisement of Georgia voters, and overburden election workers during a crucial Presidential election year.

This is undemocratic, plain and simple. Add your name to condemn these attacks on voting rights.