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Republicans: Stop playing politics with reproductive rights

The MAGA assault on reproductive freedom has become so extreme that House Republicans are threatening to shut down the government – putting critical government programs on the line – unless devastating new abortion restrictions are passed into law.

As Politico explains, “they’re itching to jam policy riders into the spending deal on a variety of issues, from border policy to abortion, that would otherwise have no shot of passage in the Senate.”

We need to organize – NOW – against this drastic attempt to attack our fundamental freedoms AND threaten critical government spending.

Add your name today to join us as we fight back against MAGA’ threats to shut down the government and attack our reproductive rights:

Join us as we fight back against extreme attacks on reproductive rights & democracy

In the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned, MAGA extremists in states across the country are trying to attack our reproductive rights. One-in-three women of reproductive age live in a state with an abortion ban.

But the GOP wants to go further – even if it means trying to overturn the will of the people and subvert our democracy.

We won’t sit back as these out-of-touch extremists attack our most fundamental rights. We’re organizing in these states and across the country to stop these power grabs and defeat the MAGA movement at the ballot box.

Sign on today to condemn these anti-democratic power grabs and join us as we fight to protect reproductive rights and democracy in states across the country.

SIGN ON: Ceasefire Now

Too many lives lost. Too many children killed. Too many families heartbroken.

Jamaal was one of the first members of Congress to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. His courageous calls for peace are changing hearts and minds – now there are nearly four times as many members of Congress joining the call.

We need to keep it up and save more lives – but right-wing megadonors are spending millions against our movement. AIPAC recruited a corporate politician to challenge him. We need people power.

Please sign your name to keep our movement loudly and proudly calling for what’s right.